Washington City Rho History

In 1858, Jewett DeVotie (brother of SAE founder Noble Leslie DeVotie) came to the small Columbian College in Washington D.C. to attend graduate school and with him brought his Fraternity, starting the Greek system at what was later renamed The George Washington University. The strength of the chapter was immediately tested with the arrival of the Civil War, and after the war ended it left only the Washington, D.C. chapter of SAE alive. This chapter has gone on to exist for over 150 years and the rebirth of the Fraternity across the nation began here at the George Washington University. Nationally known as the "Chapter Who Survived the War," the chapter is a symbol of the Fraternity's rebirth. Since this time the fraternity has initiated over 300,000 people and has become one of the largest and most recognizable in the country. Having just been recognized by the university after a sixteen-year hiatus, we are seeking those who want to help the chapter at The George Washington University rise like the Phoenix, our symbol, and build on our history.

August 9, 2012 the first new pledge class was initiated into the long history of Sigma Alpha Epsilon here at George Washington University.  These six brothers were initiated during the John O Moseley Leadership school with 500 brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon from chapters all across the country.  This just goes to show how the bonds of the fraternity go past the schools walls.

Since then we have initiated a Beta Class with help from University of Maryland's Sigma Alpha Epsilon.  Currently we are in the process of having our Gamma Pledge Class go through the process and hopefully be initiated soon.  

In the 150+ years since its founding, Washington City Rho has focused on achieving academically, serving the community, striving physically, and living up to the standard of "True Gentlemen."

Washington City Rho (WCP) is a fully-recognized undergraduate chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and a fully recognized chapter of the George Washington University's IFC.