Welcome, Families and Friends

Our parents' section on this website provides resources and information for families to review and use to educate themselves further on Sigma Alpha Epsilon's mission, vision and educational initiatives. The links below and on the left-hand menu will take you to these area that contain various aspects of membership.

We welcome you to our family and are confident that, together, we can make membership in Sigma Alpha Epsilon one of the most rewarding experiences in a young man's life.

Much of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s success can be attributed to the support our members receive from our university partners, families and parents. College fraternities have existed at college campuses for more than 150 years and continue to provide meaningful leadership, scholarship and service experiences as well as opportunities to meet a group of new friends – a family away from home. More than 305,000 men have joined our organization since 1856. And while we understand many parents’ and family members’ views of fraternities may be altered because of pop culture, movies and news stories, we affirm that membership in a fraternal organization can provide the opportunity for young men to become tomorrow leader’s. In fact, Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s creed is known as “The True Gentleman,” and we pride ourselves on helping our collegiate members become gentlemen in all aspects of their life.

We Stand Together

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity has more than 248 chapters on college campuses throughout the United States, with more than 11,000 collegiate members and 190,000 living alumni. We are the first national fraternity to establish a Leadership School to educate our undergraduates and the first national fraternity to build a central headquarters building. We have a dedicated staff to work with our members, university partners and families, and our hardworking alumni and non-member volunteers help us lead our groups in 12 core areas of operations.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon maintains a zero-tolerance policy for hazing and risk-management violations. The educational program We Stand Together was introduced in 2009 to reaffirm our anti-hazing stance. Our website contains an area dedicated exclusively to We Stand Together, which includes many resources. In addition, Sigma Alpha Epsilon is one of the sponsors of the national, anonymous anti-hazing hotline at 1-888-NOT-HAZE.

For more information you can visit the National Fraternities Website: